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Links that you've just GOT to check out!!

Our Son David's HomepageLots of links to Southpark and Video games!

Our Daughter Justines's HomepageCheck out her page, and let her tell ya about her kitten *S*

Our Good friend Jonathan Vittner. Go check out his online profile!!!Pssst,,Hey girls,,,He's single!! hehehe

The Galaska Family StorefrontShop Shop for EVERYTHING in their Cyber-Mall! Great deals!!

Jesus Freaks Homepage Lots of links to Christian sites!

Wicked Wanda's Lair A cool page of a cool friend of ours. Tell her Wiz and Gal sent ya!

The Dragons Homepage A really cool guy, with a really cool page!!

Jakes Page of Whatever! Another cool guy with a great page!!

Our friend Lori Psst,, hey guys, she's single and looking!!!

Hippy's Cove A cool friend, go check out his page, lots of great links

Monti and Splinters Website Two great guys from Holland, who recently relocated to England.

Visit Danospace!! This guys from Kansas, and his page is really wild!!